Major Events In Parker Cutlery History

1976-78 Parker Frost tang stamp on over 150 different syles created.  This includes Bicentennial and Commemorative knives, imports, and USA with special Surgical Steel blades.

1979-83 All Parker Cutlery Eagle Brand knives imported.  Wildlife animals or different names etched on blade.

Parker Brothers 1978-84 partnership Mack and Jim Parker.

Two series of Parke and Son knives -1982.

1984-86 All knives imported with Eagle Brand trademark etched on master blade.  Also, many high grade Pearl handle knives and commemoratives made during this time.  Thousands of knives supplied to Sears and Walmart.  Parker bought half of a Japanese factory.  All knives out of that factory marked Parker-Imai.

1986-89 Imports are still coming in.  Guilt US knife Factory